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Double Stem-Cell

Our cells lose control of its restoration ability as we age. Double Stemcell is a delicious blend of stem cells extracts found in the rare Swiss green Appleand Burgundy Grapes. It is exclusively formulated and enriched with phytonutrient-rich superstars to help you regain control and keep your cells ever active.


Phyto Science proudly presents a new revolutionary product birth from years of research. Tested vigorously for its potency and purity to produce a balanced formula. Phytoene & Phytofluene extracted from tomatoes has the unique ability of blocking harmful free radicals from UV rays. As a result, your body’s health improves continuously.


Our blood carries an important function of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout our entire body. How do we ensure the longevity of our blood? The answer is Snowphyll™Forte which consists of Snow Algae Chlorophyll Mulberry Leaf Extract formulated by Mibelle BioChemistry Switzerland to help repair, rebuild and replenish our blood.

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